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Automatic pool timers are devices that regulate pool pumps. These devices allow the pool owner to program their timer to turn their pool pump on and off several times daily. Timers also enable users to set a schedule every month to regulate how often the pump turns on and for how long.

What are the different types of pool timers? Which variety is best for your needs? How much can you expect to pay for a new pool timer? 

Keep reading, and we’ll help you choose the best timer. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Pool Timers?

A pool pump timer is an automatic pool timer that can turn your pump on and off. This might seem like an excessive and silly trinket to add to your swimming pool, but in it’s a beneficial addition to your pool maintenance tool set.

Keeping your pool pump on schedule is essential to your swimming pool maintenance. Without your pool pump running properly, your swimming pool can become overgrown with algae, contaminated with bodily fluids, and debris from the surrounding environment.

What Should You Look for in a Pool Timer? 

The most important thing to look for in an automatic pool timer is how to program it. Some pool timers need specific brands of compatible pumps to operate properly. You’ll also want to ensure you correctly use and program the timer.

An analog timer is best if you’re looking for something simple and efficient. These timers are simple mechanical devices that use a timer and trip setting that shut the timer off when finished. 

The benefits of this type are they’re easy to use, last for a long time, and are affordable. However, they’re not customizable and have fewer options than other pool timers. 

Your other two options include digital and smart timers. Digital timers are similar to analog timers but have more options and customizable features. Some of the most appealing features of digital timers are the ability to program the calendar feature so you can plan your pool pump schedule. 

They’re customizable and offer more features. However, they’re also more expensive and difficult to use. Some people don’t like using digital timers because they don’t understand the programming feature. But if you follow the directions, they’re not hard to program and offer more options. 

Smart timers are the most high-tech and newest variety of pool timers. They’re essentially an updated version of the digital timer, allowing owners to program their pump from their smart device. 

Top 5 Pool Pump Timers

1. Honeywell Industrial Timer

The Honeywell Industrial Timer is an excellent balance between utility and high technology. They’re an affordable option, costing approximately $90.00 brand new. 

They’re best known for their ease of use and durable nature. The casing that covers the panels adds an extra layer of protection against the weather and use. It has a 4.5-star rating, with over a thousand reviews on Amazon, making it one of the first choices for buyers. 

2. Woods 59104RWD Mechanical Time Switch

The Woods Mechanical Time Switch is one of the best varieties of analog timers on the market. These timers aren’t exclusively made to program pool pumps, but this actually makes them even better. 

The cover locks, adding an extra degree of protection. The lock serves as a handy deterrent to others in the family tinkering with how you have your timer set. They’re a very affordable option, costing approximately $45.00 brand new. 

3. Intermatic Multiuse Timer

Intermatic Multiuse Timer is the least fancy option on this list. This timer is ideal for anyone looking for a straightforward and simple pool timer to ensure their pool water stays clear. 

It’s fairly cheap, costing approximately $37.00 brand new. It’s sturdy and is an excellent choice for anyone who just wants a simple timer to keep their pump on a schedule. 

4. Woods Multiuse Outdoor Timer

Woods Multiuse Outdoor Timer is a basic digital timer that allows users to program the essential functions of their pump. The digital display screen shows you the time, date, and settings. To program the timer, just use the small buttons right below the display screen. 

You can clear the settings by holding the “R” button. This will turn the settings back to the default settings and let you reprogram it to your liking. This one only costs approximately $15.00 new and is easy to use. 

5. Z Wave Plus Box Switch

Z Wave Plus Box Switch is the most high-tech option on our list. This timer is a digital, smart timer that allows you to program the settings remotely. 

You can change the device from manual to remote by using the toggle switch. This device will also track energy consumption so you can keep an eye on your energy consumption. The only downside of this option is the price since it costs approximately $160.00 new. 


Automatic pool timers will make managing your pool schedule much easier. Adding a timer will ensure your pump always turns on at the right time and runs for the appropriate amount of time. Getting a timer can also save you money since you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it running. 

Most timers are very affordable, costing less than $100.00. But the more expensive options can be a great way to get the best timers for your swimming pool. 

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How Can a Pool Pump Timer Save You Money?

Pool pumps can make your pool management system more efficient and less wasteful. If you’re busy, pool timers can prevent you from accidentally leaving your pool pump on longer than necessary. 

You can also save money by only programming your pump to run an hour or two during the day. The timer will turn your pool pump back on at night and prevent you from paying high prices for energy at peak times. 

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Pool Timer?

Most pool pump timers are pretty cheap, costing less than $100.00. The more advanced varieties cost much more since they allow you to program and manage your device from anywhere.